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Crafternoon Stitches


What size are the hoops?
- The size of the finished piece depends on the type of portrait purchased, the add-on options purchased and the number of characters. Ornaments range from 3-4" while Family & Wedding portraits range from 6-8". Houses are offered in 7-8" but I've occasionally needed to use a 10" hoop for larger homes. 

Do you offer gift wrapping?
- Absolutely! Please let me know if I am sending the gift directly to a gift recipient and I will include a handwritten note with your custom message, gift wrapping and I will send you a photo of the portrait. 

How do I submit reference photos?
-After checkout, please email the following information to me, along with reference photos to [email protected]

1.  Personalization for family name; established dates. For example "The McCoys"  or "McCoy est. 9/26/09"

2. Special requests for each character outfit, accessories, hairstyle, etc